8th Birthday

Since we owe our younger brother a party from his last birthday, we made sure that we would prepare a small celebration on his upcoming birthday, even if it would just be hosted in the house. The day before that, we did a lot of household chores. We swept the floor, dusted the furnitures, decorated things, arranged the things in our messy cabinets, lined all our shoes in the storage room, hid all my “dorm” things and other school bags in the extra room, brushed the concrete floor of the terrace, etc.

And even on that day, we weren’t able to stop working. We put chairs and  tables outside in the garage, tied some balloons on the chairs, served the food, and washed the dishes. But I did not complain since I really wanted  to give him a proper party.

We only invited our neighbors and our close relatives because the food we prepared were not enough for a whole clan. The wind was such a nuisance since it blew all the things away: our hair, our unattended things. the balloons, everything! It was messy. There were also a lot of flies swarming and feasting on foods! Of course we put a lot of plastic wraps to cover the food. Some of the food were spaghetti, shanghai, fried chicken, cake, pichi-pichi, puto, kutsinta, pansit gisado, hotdog and marshmallows, embutido, rice, macaroons, and more.

The party was generally short and simple; we just invited guests for food. We didn’t even have a single parlor game, which is almost a necessity in a children party. But it was fun!


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