Concept of Time

Funny, but time really does exist in my opinion. To explain this, there are three facts that I want to consider: it is existent, it exists differently in each of us, and it cannot be altered so easily for it maintains the delicate balance in all of us.

Time cannot be measured by any exact unit, such as minutes, hours, days or even years. It is more of an entity or an instinct that dictates and guides as in our everyday biological lives. It also governs us so life will be possible. In our case it tells us a lot of things. When you feel the urge of weariness, especially in our eyes, this tells us that it is time to sleep, to recharge ourselves so that we will be ready for tomorrow’s another tiring day. If we hear our stomach rumble, we know that it is time to eat, for there is a certain time span for digestion. And if we feel the urge of you-know-what-it-is, you go to the comfort room. Even the menstruation of a woman has a definite time interval.

During autumnal days, migratory birds and other animals know that this is the right time to migrate and fly to other places. For winter preparations, squirrels, bears and insects prepare themselves and they know that this is the time to hibernate for survival needs. Salmons, in a definite time of the year, swim up to the waterfalls to the shallow quiet rivers to mate, spawn and die.

Plants too are followers of the tide of time. When snow already melts,  new leaves shoots from the branches of the deciduous trees, flowers bloom out their fragrances, and seeds and grass sprout from the ground.

It’s true that time exists; however, there is difference on how time exists in each of us. For example, my body tends to wake up by eight ‘o clock, but it will be different in my sister who wakes up about ten ‘o clock in the morning. In the case of animals, eagles are day-hunters, which mean they hunt their food during the day, but it would be different to the owls, which are nocturnes. And in plants, mangoes and other flowering trees bloom in the hot summer months such as March and May, while tamarinds bloom during rainy months of June and July.

Time is naturally-occurring; however there will be always certain factors that will force us to change our flow of time. We, humans, made our own standardized method of time to help of schedule our day-to-day works and activities. As a student, I have to force myself to wake up by 5:30 AM everyday so that I will not be late in my classes, which contradicts what my body used to before. I eat by 6AM even though my stomach is not yet ready to accept any food to digest. In the midday during classes, my stomach now pleads for food, but even I want to, food is prohibited. By 10 PM in the night, there still a lot of workload to do even my eyes is already sleepy, and thus I sleep later than the usual.

This type of lifestyle certainly makes me sick, for this is not what time intended for me to do. My time still cannot cope to the change, but I know it will be sometime soon. But I would still prefer what I used to be now.

Even animals and plants are affected by certain changes. Due to what-we-call “Climate Shift”, there are certain changes in the time of migration, whereas birds fly earlier than usual, and thus also affect the mating season.  Mating seasons happen earlier than spring, and when females laid their eggs, the weaklings that will be hatched out of these will be vulnerable to harsh winter conditions.

From the examples I’ve given above, it proves that our time cannot be altered so easily, for we are not used to change. Time takes care the delicate balance in each of us, thus when we summed all this up, it takes care the delicate natural balance of the world.  So when time is changed, it ruptures the delicate balance of us all. Time truly is important, and I think we should value and follow to the flow of it, so it will take care of us all.


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