BRAHMA: I am Brahma, creator of the three worlds, Lord of the Gods. I am pleased with you Ravana. You have disciplined yourself and meditated for these many years. And now, I will grant you any wish you desire.

RAVANA: I want to live forever, O great One.

BRAHMA: That, my child, I cannot grant. You know very well that not even I can grant that wish.

RAVANA: Then let it be that I, Ravana, be granted of his wish for immortality, O lord of Creation.

BRAHMA: Let it be done.

RAVANA: Now my brother, I have the power to destroy you.


GODS: Help us O Great Brahma! The demon Ravana is abusing the boon that you have given him. He had defeated his brother and taken his throne. He even has the sun under his command! Only you can help us O lord.

BRAHMA: Ravana… he has only one strength. He is immortal indeed, and so, he will not die of aging. This gives him eternity to increase his strength, and thus to be more invincible each time. But immortality does not protect him to death completely; he can die of any illness, or be slain.

AGNI: Lord Vishnu, we beg of you to be born of man. So that Ravana may be defeated once for all.

VISHNU: Fear no more! I shall take birth as a man and slay Ravana and his kinsmen. But where shall I be born as a man?

AGNI: There is a just and wise king of Koshala, a land where men are prosperous and happy. Lovely gardens and pools of water adorn this beauty. Learned men and skilled warriors of all kinds roam. Here you will be born as a prince.

BRAHMA: Let it be done.

Ravana must have thought that immortality and “to live forever” is the same. But he got it all wrong, and it would have been wiser for him to ask for invincibility instead, which he would later need to win the wars.

Here is my interpretation about the idea of immortality.

I – mmune to aging

Naturally if you are immortal, you’ll be ageless. You’ll stop from aging and you’re body will continue to stabilize itself. In short, you’ll gain eternal youth.

M – esmerizing

It’s quite amazing. Your personal aging clock suddenly stops, but the natural processes of your body still go on, like nothing happens.

M – adness

It’s just too foolish to lengthen your life span because it’s quite illogical and unnatural. We humans are created so that we may learn how to value each time we spend in our lives. We are given this challenge to live our lives to the fullest.

O – ntological

It’s very unrealistic and impossible. How can someone live forever anyway? It’s against the laws of nature. So you cannot achieve immortality in the first place.

R – apacious

Only greedy people want immortality. They just wanted to care for their wealth, power and fame for selfish reasons. It’s like one lifetime is not enough for them to seek for materialistic treasure.

T – edious

It’s boring and dull. People know they have a limited time so they do whatever they can to live their lives to the fullest. They seek the wonders of life, trying to do something worthwhile and worth living. But if you know you  have an eternal life, you’ll just tend to slack off and do nothing; let all good opportunities pass by.

A – bandoned

You’ll live forever but your loved ones won’t, and it’s quite sad to experience a lot of deaths of relatives. And when they’re gone, you’ll just feel alone.

L – imited

It’s true that you won’t die of aging. But still you can die of sickness or be killed. Immortality is a very limited offering.

So now, we can say that Ravana had made the greatest mistake of his life. He’d better regret it.


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