Kitchen God’s Wife

I had read it twice not for the purpose of getting a high score in the exam, but because I appreciate my position in my life.

Weiwei, the main character of the story, is depicted to be the Kitchen God’s Wife; the one who had to carry the burden and the sufferings for his husband. As if she was born to suffer and meant to taste the bitterness of life. And yet she was strong-willed; so strong that she managed to pull herself altogether despite the worst things that happened to her. I admire her in that way, though she’s a little stubborn.

First Bad Fate: She was born with a mother called Double Second, meaning that her mother replaced the dead second wife.

Second Bad Fate: Her mother left her, leaving all the disgrace for her to carry.

Third Bad Fate: Her Old Aunt and New Aunt did not treat her nicely; they threatened her over her mother’s tragedy.

Fourth Bad Fate: She was married to Wen Fu, which made her life so miserable and devastated. This was probably the worst fate that happened to her in the whole story.

Fifth Bad Fate: She lost a lot of her babies: Mochou, Yuki and even her beloved son Danru.

Sixth Bad Fate: She was thrown in the prison for being accused of adultery.

Seventh Bad Fate: Pearl was born and Wen Fu was the father.

Eight Bad Fate: Jimmy Louie died recently.

Ninth Bad Fate: Pearl was now suffering with a disease called “Multiple Sclerosis”. And her daughter haven’t told her yet.

I think these are all her bad fates in her life, but of course, there are some good times too. The thing is, she was able to survive this kind of life, not even traumatized in the fact that Wen Fu made her a plaything. She is one of those few women who really has this strong will in life to go on.

After reading this story, I contemplated myself. If I were in Weiwei’s position, I might’ve cried all day and blamed others for giving me this bitter life. I might’ve even consider running away, far far away where no one would chase me out, where no one will know my past.

I also realize how lucky I was, having the full support of my family: basic necessities, education, love, happiness, etc. And I am very grateful for it. As for Weiwei, I wish her all the happiness for the rest of her life, at least.

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