Periodical Test: Day 1

After a week of unexpected vacation, I did nothing but download, watch and surf in the internet. I cannot help it; it seemed like my whole body’s gonna burst out of boredom if I just reviewed the lessons nonstop. And all of my important files and slideshows are saved in my laptop so I was really distracted. Not to mention the deadlines of the projects which are fast approaching.

We took our periodical test in English and Chemistry. I was worried at the start because I barely remember the details in the novel Kitchen God’s Wife. Though I read it twice, I think it didn’t work out because I read it too early that I forgot the tiny details. Or maybe because I already started reading Memoirs of a Geisha that I have mixed all things up. I just hope I get a fairly high score though I’m not really expecting much anyway.

I also felt unprepared during the Chemistry test. My mind was still full of doubts about the lesson, especially on the conceptual part. I sent an email to my teacher regarding my questions but all her answers seemed to had slipped off my mind. I also had a hard time reviewing stoichiometry.

But then during the test, I guess it would be safe to say that it was just okay. I did “shotgun” about three to four questions because I really didn’t know the answer. Well, It can’t be helped. Good thing that the test was a multiple-choice type. And the results were already posted just after some hours; that quick! I took a glance on the scores and saw mine. I could say that my score wasn’t bad at all.


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