Periodical Test: Day 3

I was really hoping that this day would be over soon. However, even after these periodical tests, I still have to do a couple of projects. So, I decided to review Social Science first since I don’t mind getting a lower grade in Physics. And also, I already have a low grade in that subject so I just need to maintain my good grade in Social Science to pull it up.

I decided to start my review at 7 PM. But before that, I was reading Memoirs of a Geisha that next time I glanced in my watch, it was already 8 PM because I was so eager to read it continuously. Even after that, I wasn’t able to focus onto reading handouts because my laptop was beside me. So, I just decided to continue reading the rest of the handout tomorrow morning.

And so I still continued, now less distracted but still I wasn’t able to review Physics that much; I just memorized the formulas. I really have a bad habit of not solving exercises from the books, so I felt I’m not quite prepared for the test.

During the test, I took all the chances I could get in Physics. If I got the answer, I would just write it down without any doubts  just for the sake of having an answer. Physics was really hard for me.

On the other hand, Social Science was somewhat tricky. And there was a bonus: you have to make a funny joke related to Egypt, Rome or Greece. I’m not really the joking type so I was really thankful that I was able to make one, though it’s very corny. “Anong civilization ang mamantika?” “E di Greece! (Grease)”


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