Pamaskong Anyaya

This is year’s Paskorus contest song for  juniors and seniors. Our class will be performing somewhere on November, so we’re now practicing in our breaks and any possible time every day. The pressure’s surely on us because we are expected to win out of our hard work, and also since we are the only junior representative in the contest. Even our STR teacher, who is also our homeroom adviser, offered us a bonus in STR grade so that we would be inspired to win. Now, we really have to win!

Our class is divided into four groups: Sopranos (I’m in here), Altos, Tenors and Bases. The problem so far is, there’s no much difference in the melody of the song between the different vocals, so we really have to win by the unison and timing. We have to get the right notes clearly because judges will surely notice the mistakes there.

It’s really hard to teach the boys though, from what I have seen in every practice because they’re not paying attention. But so far all in all, I think we’re doing okay. I have never yet experienced winning the Paskorus  so I really wish we win this time. I’ll be doing my best too.

Here are the lyrics:

Maghintay sa pagsilang ng Kamahal-mahalan
Ihanda ang sarili at ang buong sambayanan
Pagtutunggali’y kalimutan
Pagmamaramot ay talikdan
Anyayahan sa puso’t isip Siyang huwaran

Do’n sa silangan Niya, tanawin tuwina
Halimbawa ng payak na buhay
Ating iwasan ang pagnanasang lahat ay kamtin
Buhay Niya ang mithiin
Papayapa ang mundo kung tayo’y magbago’t (KORO)

Do’n sa silangan Niya, tanawin tuwina
Ang pasakit ng Kristong sumapit
Sa karukhaa’y nagmula Magandang Balita ng Diyos
Bugtong na Anak ng Diyos
Hindi mo man mahigtan, sarili’y ihanda’t (KORO)

Kalimita’y nalulunod tayo sa rangya
Ng paghahanda sa araw ng sangnilikha
Kung babalik tayo sa pinagmulan Niya
Higit na makabuluhan ang pagdiriwang (KORO)

Anyayahan sa puso’t isip Siyang huwaran!


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