The Sun Goddess and Susan-no-o

Now showing! We made this movie poster from a Japanese creation myth just for fun; actually as a requirement  in English but we also had fun doing it.

The title is “God Wars” but there was really no war, we only exaggerated the conflict between Amaterasu and Susa-no-o. We came up with “The Eclipse” because like the creation myth said, Amaterasu hid herself in the rock cave of heaven so there was total darkness (which could be described as an eclipse).

The tagline “One poop started it all” was when Susa-no-o pooped in her dwelling. But it wasn’t that mischief that started all the conflict. It was when Amaterasu was hurt because of Susa-no-o’s pie bald colts that made her hid herself in the cave. But it was so funny and annoying that we pointed it out as the cause of the “war”.

And we made a comment “Hardcore” by an unknown guy. I did not know why my groupmates chose it though.

The picture above is half-Amaterasu and half-Susa-no-o, you might not notice it since it does not look like the sun goddess. The extra small person at the left side is Ama no Uzume no Mikoto who danced wildly outside the rock cave.


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