All Soul’s Day 2008

We never really went to several cemeteries this time since my parents were busy preparing for Daddy’s departure tomorrow. I hope we can do it next year though.

The only cemetery we visited was in Salian, Abucay, Bataan. It was quite congested but of course it was understandable since it was All Soul’s Day after all. We went through the narrow paths until we arrived at the mausoleum of our ingkong, our great grandfather. Then our parents left us  there since they have to do a lot of buying, and they will also visit the other cemeteries in Puerto Rivas.

Our relatives were already there, some were familiar faces while others I just met. I made some candlewax stuff by pouring the melted/used wax in a plastic cup, just like candlemaking without a wick because I couldn’t seem to find anything to do. I also helped out putting candles too.

My younger brother was having fun burning used candlewax, and I have to scold him every time since he was also burning plastic.

It was already dark and almost everybody went home when our parents arrived to fetch us. I only managed to do three-fourths of a cup but it was okay I guess; a nice addition to my collection (middle).

Next year, I promise I will behave myself well. And maybe I should pray the rosary too.


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