My Study Habits

Now I realized that I tend to be distracted in studying because of the internet. Our dorm is in the wifi zone, however my laptop disconnects often especially during the study time of 7-11 PM. And during  those urgent times when I have business in yahoo messenger, it just signs out even before I can send a file or a message. It’s really annoying, and my attention goes to reconnecting the internet instead of my homework. And I could not watch youtube or imeem videos completely; every now and then I have to repeat the streaming of  the videos.

That’s why I thought of changing my study time to 2-5 AM and when I tried it, it was  perfect. This is what I do now:

  • I take a bath as early as 7 PM, then I wait for some time until my hair is dry then I immediately go to sleep. Then I wake up by 2/3 AM with my cellphone alarm clock. The internet’s really fast and reliable during this time that I can watch videos without reloading and waiting a lot. And I can do my homework and review lessons a lot faster because it’s peacefully quiet. Though the only con is, everybody’s already offline during this time especially my teachers, so I have to do all the important instant messaging during the early evening. But generally, it’s quite okay for me. I can also now eat breakfast very early, unlike before which I used to wake up late that I tend to skip meals. But it looks like  it won’t be a problem anymore.

I really wanted to improve my study habits so that I can work very efficiently. I am the type of student which can’t just study continuously but also need some break/entertainment by watching anime once in a while. I will continue this practice as long as it benefits me most.


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