Gakuen Alice

I really like Gakuen Alice in general. The idea of alices, being in school without contact from your families, the conflicts, are truly well blended in this anime. The plot is unique  and has a lot of character developments (almost like Ouran High School Host Club!). Permy for example, she was known at the start as the arrogant-type, but she was really caring to Mikan and others in the later chapters. And Natsume as well, who was known as a murderer and a very dangerous kid, has a very harsh and lonely past. I was also surprised how the cold-blooded Jinno-sensei came out to be a very nice teacher at all!

I also wanted to point out how I was disappointed in the way they ended the anime so quickly. I have been reading the manga for a long time and I have seen that they skipped a lot significant events that should have happened for the story to develop well. Some examples are the Christmas Ball, Sports Festival, New Year, Mikan’s Birthday, Garden Party, and so much more. Those chapters showed a lot of hints about Mikan’s past and her later discovery of the truth about her family and her Stealing Alice. They also showed Natsume’s sister who was trapped in the school all these years, about how he came to the school and how he made to the Dangerous Type. And of course, how could they have forgotten the arrival of Luna and Natsume’s confession of love to Mikan? But I really think that they have no more plan of continuing the series further even though there has already been a lot of petitions.

It’s a pity though. At the beginning  of the series, it was a bit surprising that they changed and added some parts; and these changes and additions actually made the plot better. One of the cases was when they showed how terrible it is to be a No-Star/Nothing rank. They showed that Mikan has to do a lot of chores like washing dishes and community services, besides from being treated lowly in her allowance, accommodation, and food. It was also a good idea that the Special Type has to please Jinno-sensei so that they can participate in the School Festival.

And most of all was the infiltration of Reo that almost destroyed the Academy’s reputation, which was not mentioned in the manga. With his voice pheromones, he controlled Luca and made him order to make the animals go wild all over the school. He also used his voice pheromones to publicize the truth behind the Academy’s lies.

Also, Hotaru’s studying abroad just turned out to be a rumor and misunderstanding in the anime, unlike in the manga. It’s a good thing Hotaru won’t be seperated with Mikan though. I also like how Natsume became softer towards Mikan and others in the later episodes. Unlike in the manga, he was still secretive and intimate about his feelings because of his pride. But I think it was okay.

So far I’m currently waiting for the regular updates of Gakuen Alice manga and see how the events will turn out. It would have been better if they made all of the scenes into anime version, but oh well.

  1. Namine said:

    Ahhh, please tell me!
    where can i read the manga?
    I have already tried at but they suspended the manga… i want to read it sooo much.

  2. bcbgarcia said:
    Gakuen Alice’s still incomplete though…
    But updates are more or less regular

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