Haiku is a traditional Japanese poem made up of 17 syllables and three lines. The first line should contain five syllables, then the second should contain seven  and the last should be five again. So basically, the format is 5-7-5. It’s quite simple and easy to write, though you really have to limit your words so it would fit in the format. Theme is usually about nature, though it can also be about other things. And most importantly, it should only focus on a central image.

Not Yet Late
Running up the stairs,
The bell rang the second time.
Chill! Five more minutes…

In our school, first bell tells us that it’s time to end the class and go to the next one. Then, the second bell tells us that we should already be at our respective classrooms. You would be counted late when you arrived six minutes after the second bell and absent/cutting class if you arrived eleven minutes after the same bell.

Hunger Reliever
The stomach rumbled.
With a great cup of noodles,
The stomach silents.

Whenever we’re hungry at the dorm, we always resort in foodstuff like cup noodles, biscuits and junkfood. It’s very unhealthy.

Dorm Rules
Internet… DOTA…
Quick! Minimize the toolbar!
Before you get caught.

Internet and laptop are usually only for educational purposes in our school dormitory. Every night, an inspector checks and sees into it that we are studying. And so every time we hear someone knocking at the door at the middle of the night, we would minimize the internet windows quickly and go back to whatever school-related things we are doing so we won’t get caught.

Miss Yuhico
As the door opened,
The butterflies have arrived.
It’s Geometry Time.

Miss Yuhico is one of the most popular geometry teacher in our school because of her love on butterflies. Whenever and wherever you see her, always expect butterfly motifs at her stuff, especially her dress. Even her faculty room is full of butterflies, some are posted on the wall  while  other are hanging above the ceiling.

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  1. Dante Caruso said:

    so this is why you were asking what “pampabusog” in english is 😛

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