Halo halo

Halo halo is a typical merienda/dessert here in the Philippines that surely cools you off during the hot summer months. It’s basically prepared by putting all sorts of ingredients in a glass or bowl with shaved ice; hence the name  “halo” because it literally means mixed. Popular ingredients are sago, gulaman, beans, fruits, coconut meat. ice cream, and most important of all are shaved ice and evaporated milk.

Leche flan,
Nata de Coco,
Gatas evaporada.

Sari-saring sangkap,
Prutas, Niyog, Gatas at iba pa.
Sari-saring lasa,
lamig at tamis na tunay na naglalaban.

Sino ang mag-aakala na maaring pagsamahin,
ang iba’t-ibang sahog?
Iba’t-ibang tamis,
iba’t-ibang lasa,
iba’t-ibang sarap?

Ngunit mapaibang sangkap man,
at mapaibang uri’t pinanggalingan,
kapag pinaghalo,
ay natatanging linamnam,
na tunay na makapagpapalamig
sa pinakamainit na ulo.

Bawat isa ay mahalaga,
Nagbibigay panlasa.
Nagbibigay tuwa.
Nagbibigay ginhawa.
Ganito ang tunay na kumbinasyon,
ng tunay na halo-halo.

Friendship is somewhat a good comparison to halo halo. Like the ingredients which are of different tastes and textures, they all result to a very good, sweet and refreshing taste when combined well. We may be of different traits and appearances, but through friendship we can blend well and give a very good outcome.

1 comment
  1. Dante Caruso said:

    ahhh, its so deep, and i think i’m going to drown… haha. ito ba ang ipapasa mo? good luck 😛

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