Dear Santa…

Christmas Wish List!

1. Greetings
A simple greeting of “Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon!” (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!) would already cheer me up.

2. Weaving threads
I was intrigued by how my classmate did those friendship bracelets with such intricate patterns that I decided to make my own as well. I’m planning to give them to some to my friends, and the excess will be a part of my collection. I might sell them too.

3. Beads
I like collecting beads and using them in my projects and other crafts. But I’m also planning them to be added in my soon-to-be woven bracelets.

4. Sticker Book and Stickers
I also wanted to have a collection of stickers but the problem is, I don’t have a big sticker book to hold them all.

5. Skirts
My mother prefers to buy pants than skirts because they can be worn at all times. So, I don’t have a single skirt.

6. Sandals
I have been wearing the same sandals for almost a year already that I feel it’s starting to wear off. I wanted a new one at least for variation.

7. Folding Fan
It’s really practical to have a fan, especially during hot summer days and in smoky and crowded areas.

8. Suikoden Manga
I am collecting all the volumes, though it’s hard and costly. There are about eleven volumes and I already have five: 2, 3, 4, 7, 11.

9. The Corrs albums
I’m a big fan of The Corrs band but I don’t have any of their albums (because I tend to download online).

10. Pocky
I became fond of this since my roommate gave me some to eat. I really like the taste, especially Chocolate, Milk and with crushed nuts.

11. Earphone
For private listening and to enjoy fully the richness of my songs in my laptop.


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