Tanglaw Family Day

There’s nothing more peaceful place in the world (or at least in Manila) like Tanglaw University, though technically it’s not a university. It’s more of a boarding house for college girls who are willing to sacrifice their extra time to devote themselves to God. I don’t know exactly the details, but this is what I understand about it.

But it’s too beautiful to be a boarding house! The architecture style of the building surely brings you back to Spanish era. Even the chairs and tables are made of antique-style carved wood. I really appreciate the antiquity of the atmosphere. It has chapel, auditorium, living room, library, study room, Japanese-style dinner hall, main dinner hall and many more rooms I’m sure I haven’t seen yet.

Once in a while, our ORI instructor would invite us there for special gatherings and occasions. Naturally, almost all of the guests are girls. But what I admire is that they always seek opportunities of meeting and befriending new faces, like us who have never known them before. Kindness, hospitality, warmth; these words may not be enough to describe the place but I think it’s more like it.

This last Saturday, we went to Tanglaw University to join in the Family Day. The first part of the afternoon was a mini concert performed by the Kilyawan Boy’s Choir.  Our classmate was there, and we were proud that he’s a part of such an excellent choir. They left shortly after the performance since they have a lot more appointments this afternoon (such a hectic schedule).

Then the second part of the afternoon was Benediction. The priest gave a really long homily, but it was good and quite sensible (but I nearly fell asleep!). We also sang Latin songs, which gave a more holy atmosphere in the chapel.

The third part was Merienda. The food were chips, siomai, iced tea, macaroons, puto, brownies, doughnuts, cornick, etc. We stayed near the table so we could easily go back whenever we wanted another helping. Then many unfamiliar faces approached and introduced themselves to us. People there were really friendly and nice. We also saw some of our teachers, the Filipina who went to Mt. Everest, her husband who is a rower and formerly went to Olympics, and various ORI instructors.

We went home shortly after the merienda. I do wish we could visit Tanglaw next time. It’s a very nice place and I hope it would never change.


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