Year 2009

Year 2009 had already begun and as what they say, “new year, new life”. So, I wanted to have a little mending in my life. And my new year’s resolution? I’m afraid I can’t comply with it completely though I will still try and do my best to renew myself little by little.

1. I’ll pray the rosary as often as I can, preferably every day. This may be a good chance because I already promised God that I would do it, though I wasn’t able to fulfill it completely partly because of laziness, lack of free time and private place.

2. I’ll  still be implementing the midnight study style since I think it’s the most effective way of studying in my case. Advantages are quiet environment, faster internet, and I can prepare for school earlier.

3. My sleep should be five hours or more; rest and sleep during lunch breaks as much as possible. I’ll be needing it.

4. I’ll be doing my requirements in advance if I have time, and the most important thing is NOT TO CRAM.

5. Save and budget money; put the coins in my piggy bank whenever I receive change in my money.

6. Save papers; use the back of the used handouts.

7. I’ll be helping more in household chores. I’ll avoid things that can upset Mommy.

8. I’ll be attending the SCA ORI meetings regularly.

I know I have to add more but I can’t think at the moment. I guess I’ll be doing my best in my studies, be more religious, and of course enjoy my life. I’ll be learning from my mistakes last year and try not to do it again. Happy New Year!!!


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