Back To School

After about two weeks and a half of vacation, I felt sad that it was about to end. Thinking about my carefree schedule, it was nothing compared to my school day activities. Every day, I would wake up at 8 AM, eat my usual breakfast of hotdog, then internet, then fix the beds, then wash the dishes, eat lunch, internet again, sweep the floor, eat merienda, back to internet, eat dinner, internet, sleep.

I also have to remember my past lessons so my mind would be restored of school stuff. And when I did that, I was alarmed because I even forgot some of my teachers’ name!

Thinking about my past lessons, I also have to do some requirements but then, I was too lazy to even check what are they. Gah. Vacation really makes you forget everything, except fun. How would I go back to school in this  happy-go-lucky condition? I was grateful though that it would be the start of fourth quarter so I didn’t have to refresh so much.

And thinking about the dorm, I bet it is dusty all over. I have to clean the table and chairs again, fix my bed, dust the books and shelves. I even forgot to bring home my cellphone charger, so the whole vacation, I wasn’t able to use my cellphone which already ran out of battery the day I went home.

I will be back at January 6, and I thought it would be best to be back to school again because I really miss everything about Pisay.

Oh yeah, it’s already January. I wanted the windows always open so I guess I would bring jacket to wear during the night.

  1. joan said:

    oi. internet ka ng internet. di tuloy ako makagamit. lagi na lang ikaw nasa harap ng internet…….

    alam mo naman pala sa sarili mo e…… 😦 wawa naman ako…

    -kapatid mong magaling

  2. Dante Caruso said:

    haha. oo nga naman bea. ok lang yan joan. kapatid mo naman yan eh

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