We did our “theme writing” today in English which we have to write an exactly 120-word essay. I had a hard time writing because it was too short and you really have to do it in 120 words, no more, no less. At first, I thought it was minimum of 120 words so I wrote too long. But when I realized that, I started counting and omitting some words and phrases and I ended up disappointed because it was not as good as the previous one. I decided to post the original version.

The topic was connected to our discussion in Southwest Asian literature. “What is the greatest problem in this world? What kind of superhero do we need to fight this problem?”

This world is shrouded with millions of lies. We might haven’t noticed it but they are everywhere; and they come in different shapes and sizes. Cheating is lying to your teacher about your grades and requirements. Adultery is  lying to your spouse about your affairs. Even corruption is lying in an even greater extent: to your nation about your claims to government property.

Lying in fact seems to be our social way of survival. It does protect ourselves to shame, harm, and punishment. But still, it does not negate the fact that it’s a selfish thing to do; stealing the rights of others to know the truth.

Truly, lies are the most ultimate and prevailing  sin in this world; the root of all other problems. There should be a superhero who will contain an extraordinary sense of judgement, a.k.a. “Mr. Truth”. With his special powers, he shall sense and abolish the lies covering up and shall help turn out the truth; and with these he shall be a great and fair judge. But we really don’t need so much fantasy about Mr. Truth. He has always been with us; all we need is a little of our conscience to help prevail the truth.


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