Dr. Nefirian Dreamscar of Silent Rose Organization recently opened an art contest in Valenth. The main objective is to create your own Valenthian species. I felt inspired about this, thinking that maybe something good may come out of my head. But I would really never join the contest because I feel I’m not good enough for this, and besides, I still don’t know the Lore enough to create something that could fit in the storyline.

naks002I just drew and colored it manually. I’m not really good at mixing and matching colors so I just colored it in my heart’s content. It’s also not that detailed, though I like my shading.

I named the species Whister. When I think of ghosts, the first thing that really comes to my mind is Ghastly. But Ghastly definitely does not suit for them so I thought of something else. Then, I thought of whisper; ghosts make whispering sounds after all so it’s a bit related. So from Whisper, I changed it to Whister.

Whisters are Valenthian ghosts; souls that still lurk in the living world. For why they are still here, no one really knows. Some say that they still have businesses to finish, others say that they simply wished to stay. These souls are said to be from sentient and non-sentient creatures. Their shape and sizes vary for they can transform to anything at their will, though they can be seen normally in silvery-gray flowing translucent forms that are freezing cold when touched. They love making fun, destroying things, drifting anywhere, and almost anything they wished to do.

The alpha stage is the simple dull silvery-gray canister, with a drifting wisp of spirit in the center instead of the usual form of eggs. It is said that they trap their souls in those empty canisters so that they can grow and be nourished again. The color of the canisters change as souls entrap themselves within.

The beta stage is the leftmost form from the image above. They are mostly quiet and innocent-looking.  They eat and absorb food by making a mouth-like form in their face.

Whisters are almost the same appearance in omega forms, only that their traits differ. Whisters in vital form devote themselves in holy services and spreading the good. Whisters in natural form love making fun, pranks, jokes, tricks and laughs. Tainted whisters are said to be horribly scary, and they enjoy planting fear to any living creatures. Partly because they wear unusually bright clothes that contrast their devilish red eyes and their pale color.

So that’s it then! It’s an inspiration from Casper and the Ghost in Monster Rancher 2.


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