Singapore Zoo

Of all the tourist spots we visited in Singapore, I enjoyed Singapore Zoo the most! Compared to Manila Zoo, Singapore is really interactive and the animals are not caged! They’re placed in really huge places with boundaries of water to prevent them from escaping or going near the people.  They can really run wild in their natural habitat.

We were given with map of the zoo since the place is really big, somewhere in Woodlands. There were also separate animal shows scheduled in that day, which were quite good and nicely-prepared.

Mousedeer; they kept on hiding inside the bushes
Some black monkey; it was quite cool that they’re free to hang and climb to any trees
Cute otters
Lazy warthogs; they’re all muddy because of the rain
Vicious white tigers
My first time seeing a kangaroo
Emu; large birds that cannot fly
Imagine seeing that during the night
I think it’s a goat; cool horn
A white crane that kept on scratching itself
Giant tortoise
A mountain goat near the cliff
A family of baboons
Hippo drinking in a pond water
Elephant Show!
Sea cows… huge aquatic mammals
Adorable penguins!
Large unmoving crocodile
A viscous Komodo dragon
Inuka – the Polar Bear
Pink flamingos
Bad Cheetah!
Nicely-striped zebra
This is definitely an ostrich
They are sponsored by Abott Growth
Fruit Bat hanging on a branch
That squirrel monkey seem sad

I was a bit disappointed though because there was no panda. Anyway, I had fun!


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