Suikoden III: Volume 7

My friend bought me this rare copy of my all-time favorite Suikoden Series (thanks to her!), so I decided to share a few glimpses of   this volume. Aki Shimizu is really a great artist and I admire her; the illustrations are very detailed . So buy your own copy now!


Luc and Sasarai: Luc was the one with the blue aura containing the True Wind Rune, while Sasarai was the one with the yellow aura containing the True Earth Rune. As explained before, they were meant to be Lord Hikusaak’s clones; mere vessels of true runes.


Hugo became the Flame Champion, as stated in the previous volumes. He acquired the True Fire Rune with the help of Sana, the former Flame Champion’s lover, and now he was being introduced to the Grassland people. The Grassland Clan Leaders bowed down to him, even his mother! They thanked him for his return, and they told him that they would give all their best to end this war.


On the other hand, Chris returned to Zexen. Then she called a secret meeting with her comrades and told them the whole story during her absence. She had inherited the True Water Rune that once belonged to her father, Wyatt Lightfellow.


Because of the recent conflict with Harmonia, Grasslands decided to enter a temporary truce with Zexen. Chris, the leader of the Zexen Knights, then declared war on Harmonia.


Sasarai was denoted from his position as army general because of his “incompetence”.  They arrested him and was currently detained, while Luc now became the army general. Then Luc visited Sasarai one night, and had a long chat about their past and the reason why they were living. Apparently, Luc tells him the truth and steals his True Earth Rune.


Poor Sasarai. Luc made Sasarai suffer by adjusting the air pressure inside his body. Luc eventually manages to get his True Rune, but he didn’t kill him for some reasons even though he would only have a month to live without the rune. Brotherly love, perhaps?


She is Gustav’s spoiled daughter, who once was kidnapped by Neclord in Suikoden 2, now grown up. She wasn’t that bad-mannered before,  but anyway, she was currently in a journey to meet the Flame Champion.

I just finished all the volumes, and I could say the storyline was great! I haven’t played Suikoden 3 yet so I didn’t know the plot before. And I really admire Luc, he was probably the best character created in the series. I thought he turned to the bad side at the start, but it all became clear when I learned that he was just trying to save the world from the future he had foreseen. That future was just nothingness at the end because of the endless wars driven by the runes’ conflict to each other. And he thought of destroying his True Wind Rune to change the course of the future, but that requires Grassland to be sacrificed. So he made a war that would drive Grassland people out of their homeland, but at the end, he died because he was hindered by Hugo and other rune bearers. Luc should have explained all these things to his fellow rune bearers and Grassland leaders so his plan would run smoothly, but I guess he wasn’t good at words.

  1. Marisa said:

    Think you could upload the volumes 7-11 to manga fox or something? I can’t find any of the English ones to read online and don’t have the money to order them.

  2. aLySsA said:

    Where did your friend buy that volume? All I see on stores are volumes 2,3,4,5,6 and 9

    • bcbgarcia said:

      She bought this volume almost four years ago at Trinoma Powerbooks. I haven’t seen another copy of it after that. (though I also bought some of my volumes at Kinokuniya bookstore in Singapore and Planet Comics in Trinoma)

      Good luck ^^

      • aLySsA said:

        Thanks for the information! 😀 I bet I’ll have a hard time looking for that volume. (I’ve been keeping my eye on it for years, but with no luck). By the way, you might want to visit BookSale stores. They have tons of Suikoden III manga.

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