Lois Lowry Trilogy

The Giver, Messenger and Gathering Blue are some of the best books I’ve ever read. They are really fantastically and nicely-written; I would never get tired rereading them, especially crying at the end of  Messenger. They are a trilogy by the way, so all of them is a must-read!

The Giver is about a perfect community where all ways of life is controlled. Everything is in harmony. Jobs, food, family unit, everything are all decided by the Elders. Pain is removed by subjecting all emotions away, and giving all the painful memories to the Receiver. Jonas, a boy of 12, would be chosen as the next Receiver and will learn a lot from the memories he would receive from the Giver (the current Receiver).

It’s also sad that colors doesn’t exist in this community. Jonas and the Giver are the only people who can see the colors. Jonas first perceived the color red from an apple. Later, he will save a boy named Gabe who share the same characteristics as with him. They will eventually escape from the community with the help of the sled. The next book after this would be the Messenger.

Gathering Blue on the other hand, focuses on Kira, a young woman who lives in another community which is quite different to Jonas’. Her community is more savage-looking, all in disorder. People hurt others and they don’t care much. It’s really a messy place to live in. People with imperfections are also not allowed to live. However, Kira was allowed to live even though she has a useless horrible leg that she usually drags along as she walks.

The community is governed by The Council. But more than that, The Council is very interested with the artists – those who have special skills and talents that would be useful in the future. Kira would be chosen as the Weaver because of her amazing weaving skills. And she will also learn more about the death of her parents and her position in the community, as she would be the appointed Weaver of the Future.

The two books will now merge in the Messenger. It’s about Matty, Kira’s friend in Gathering Blue. He’s currently living with Kira’s father in a community where imperfections are blessed. People are also appointed with their proper title when they enter the right age. Kira’s father, who became blind when he was attacked by his comrades, is known as the Seer. Matty is hoping that he would get the title Messenger since he’s the only one who can go into the forest bravely and travel to other communities to send messages.

At first, people are cheerful, always generous to those who are in need – travelers and outcasts from other communities who have nowhere else to live. But with the Trade Market, people’s good characteristics were traded away for something else that they wanted. People became selfish, and now they wanted to close the village. The Leader, or Jonas, is deeply saddened but he can do nothing about it. (Jonas and Gabe came accidentally in the Village during their escape)

Now, the Seer wishes to fetch her daughter from the other community so that they could live together in the Village before it closes. So he sends Matty, who is also in charge of distributing the messages to other communities about the closing, to bring her through the Forest.

As Matty embarks his adventure, he notices that the Forest looks worse and dreary than before. Moreover as he accompanies Kira, they will end up greatly injured, almost near to death because of the Forest’s attacks to them. Later then, Matty uses his hidden gift to heal the Earth of all illnesses and sadness… and he dies. (He has this special gift of healing which he discovers at the beginning of the story, but he’s afraid of using it.) He becomes the Healer.


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