Maiko Drawings

I was suddenly inspired to draw a maiko.

First of all, maiko are apprentice geiko or geisha. Geisha are traditional artists and entertainers in Japan. I’m quite fond of their culture and tradition, so I’ve been reading and gathering  information about them. Click here for my recent post about them.

Hanachizu-chan. I’m aware that the hair is wrongly-drawn; it should be in wareshinobu hairstyle. The kanzashi are alright, I guess. The kimono and obi designs are just random since I don’t have the slightest idea on how to make  a proper one that would fit in a certain season. The furisode is also too short. But I think it’s okay as a whole.

Hanayuri-chan. This is another maiko drawing, this time with wareshinobu hairstyle. I think I should practice more on drawing girl faces. It has the same kimono and obi design, and a slightly-improved kanzashi. But I wrongly placed the ougi-bira kanzashi at the left.

Hanatsuru-chan; my newest sketch. I didn’t put the wareshinobu hairstyle  and ougi-bira kanzashi this time, but all in all, it’s correctly-drawn.

  1. severnyproductions said:

    They look like good drawings to me but then again i don’t really know what maiko means.

  2. Sheny G said:

    very nice drawings :3

    • bcbgarcia said:

      Thank you for the nice comment!

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