Unexpected Vacation

Now that there are two confirmed cases of A H1N1 flu in our school, classes were suspended for 10 days! I’m not even sure if I should celebrate because we’ve been missing a lot of precious time for our lessons and requirements due to several suspensions on typhoons and health advisories. I hope all of us can cope with the health and time crisis.

After the announcement of class suspension, I immediately packed up my things and went home. For some reason, I don’t feel the usual vacation spirit of cheerfulness. Maybe because the timing is odd and the teachers would surely give us a lot of requirements to do while at home.  But I was wrong!  They decided to remove the Humanities Week and First Periodic Exam so the time would be maximized. I’m okay without the Periodic Exam,  on second thought,  I’d love it actually (less stress for now), though I can imagine how jam-packed the Second Periodic Exam would be. But without Humanities Week, it would be disappointing not to see it for the last time.

Anyway let’s sweep aside the school stuff and move on. I’m planning to enjoy this two week class suspension but the same time do requirements, read advance lessons and review for the upcoming UPCAT exam. But for now I’m playing Chrono Cross because I miss it so much! And just like before, I chose Guile  though I recruited Glenn this time.

In the Zelbess Ship and I'm Lynx O:

Best Party I can get so far.

I hope it would be an enjoyable and fruitful vacation.


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