Partial Solar Eclipse

I was really thankful that the weather was great. The sun was shining perfectly outside, the sky was so fair, and the clouds were thin and white. The weather must have favored this rare phenomenon because it was supposed to rain.

The partial solar eclipse started at 8:32 AM and ended at around 11 AM GMT+8. I couldn’t stare directly at the sun even with the help of film negatives or sunglasses (which are really ineffective) so I used my cellphone camera to catch some glimpse. I did my best but my camera’s not really good enough for this job.

Partial Solar EclipsePartial Solar Eclipse 2Two Suns

The third one might be an effect done by the camera. I covered the lens with film negatives though it didn’t work out fine. I hope I’ll have a chance to see a total solar eclipse in my lifetime.


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