Electroscope Week

I couldn’t believe that I enjoyed Physics last week. No mind-boggling equations, no sleepy sessions (since Physics is always in the afternoon), and no endless discussion. It’s not that I hate Physics but I’d really like something else. And so I was glad that our Physics teacher announced a week dedicated only for making electroscope.

I have a slight idea on how to do it since I made a similar project during my sixth DSC01237grade. We brought wine bottle, Stick-O plastic container, copper wire, hook, aluminum foil and cork. We originally planned on using wine bottle but it was always moist inside. So we used the Stick-O plastic container instead, winded up the wire into a hook-like shape, attached two identical aluminum foil strips, made a hole at the cap, attached a cork outside, then closed the container firmly.

It didn’t work at first so we’re a bit  anxious and disappointed. But it worked out well during the second day surprisingly. We rubbed plastic on the table then put it near the rod outside and it would open widely. When we let the plastic touch the rod, it would still be open but it would close instantly if we touched it with a finger. But for some unknown reasons, it did not worked at the day it was supposed to be graded.

I hope there would be more of this activities to come. I specially like doing this sort of projects since they give me chance to pull my grades up.


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