ACLE: Bejeweled Slippers

ACLE or Alternative Classroom Learning Experience is an annual event by Values Education and other humanities subject. Companies from different sectors are invited to give talks and lectures, and this year are Jollibee, Yellow Cab, Bejeweled Slippers, Goldilocks, Innovations, etc. I registered late so I was left with Bejeweled Slippers.

I didn’t expect much but  I was relieved that the lecture was quite fun and inspiring. Partly because it was somehow related to Economics which we were studying now; stuff like entrepreneurship and  profits. Moreover because I was hooked by their slippers.

What’s good and unique about them is the gems or jewels embellished on ordinary slippers. Each is designed with cute sequences which really has a touch of feminine style. Slippers today are generally sold with prints. But I think this was my first time seeing slippers designed in such a shiny way.

They were a bit pricey but then I thought  it was a perfect opportunity to buy my mother an advanced birthday gift since she doesn’t usually buy sandals for herself. So I bought a pair of Bejeweled Flats or Jazz in Beige.


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