Too Much Rain

It’s been raining for 15 hours since Friday midnight until late Saturday afternoon. I just can imagine how bad it was to those living in Manila and other places below or near sea level. Especially in our old house near the riverside; the first floor would be easily reached by the flood.

The cause of this catastrophic event is surprisingly a tropical storm “Ondoy”. Ondoy was actually weak; the wind wasn’t that strong  However, it brought the record of heaviest rainfall in the Philippines since 1967, about 42 years from now.

Many people were stranded in their own house’s roofs waiting for help to pass by. The rescued ones are now staying in public schools and other evacuation areas waiting for relief goods. I hope they’ll be safe and find new life from this calamity.

It’s been raining for months already since May. Every day I wake up, I always see the dark stormy clouds which brings gloom to my mood somehow. I especially love sunlight since it gives me the feeling of freshness and hope (to pass my exams). Maybe that’s why I wasn’t doing well in my studies.

I remembered a day when it also rained hard and went brownout for the whole night. I couldn’t do anything at that time so I took some pictures of the candle flame. I like how the fire dances and flickers.


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