First Semester Periodic Exam

I have nothing more to say but ugghh!

I reviewed a lot of past lessons during the weekend, including Biology, Physics and Chemistry. The term “review” was  actually inaccurate to what I really did; it was more like “reading again”. But it was quite helpful  in Physics since  I didn’t listen to discussions with much enthusiasm. Luckily, the concepts part was a huge chunk in the periodic exam since I didn’t practice solving problems.

I felt I had performed very well during the first day – Filipino, Chemistry and Economics so I wasn’t surprised that I got the highest score in Chemistry. The second day was rather worse because I felt sleepy the night before – Biology and Mathematics. The third day was okay I guess since I was really anticipating the end of the periodic exam – English and Physics.

I watched the finals of the badminton tournament after the exam. The games were pretty tense; almost every winner only won by two to three points from the loser.

Then we went to Trinoma for relaxation! We didn’t get to watch a movie. I was just satisfied for being at the mall since the school aura is just too much for me.


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