Ocean Adventure

We went to Subic Ocean Adventure as my uncle’s treat this New Year’s Eve. Going to Subic took about less than an hour; less than what we used to since the SCTEX road was built for shorter routes. So, I have been to Subic many times but this was my first to be in Ocean Adventure. We went through the forest-thick roads as we admired the ocean scenery at the other side of the car. It was perfectly calm and powdery blue and I felt like I wanted to go to beach instead!

Soon we arrived at the huge and almost-empty parking lot area beside the venue. We fell in line, bought our tickets, then we went to their aquarium displays first since we still had time to kill before the first show.

I took the liberty of capturing photos of marine animals but some of them were really blurry.

A really huge hermit crab! I used to buy small ones outside my school.
Nice camouflage

Then we went to the location of the first show and we arrived at the amphitheater. They made some nice introductory songs (almost like rap) and dances about Ocean Adventure, marine life, saving the Earth, etc. There were also two trampoline guys who performed a thrilling comedy show which made me watch in awe!

Next location was Seaside Stadium.

An intelligent bat who performed some tricks for us. :)

This was my favorite show: Sea Lion Marine Patrol. The program was about a sea lion who wanted to enroll in the Marine Patrol but first he had to prove himself worthy by performing tricks. Somebody from the audience could also participate but he/she have to challenge the sea lion. Of course all of these were just for fun. The sea lion and the speakers also taught us how to save the environment through 3R. The whole theme of Ocean Adventure is advocacy of saving the Earth and marine life.

After lunch, we went to the last show of the day: Dolphins. The dolphin show here was way better than in Sentosa, Singapore.

It was a hot and windy afternoon after the show so we bought ice creams. Then we went home and we saw some monkeys passing by the roads. It was a great morning at Subic!


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