We had another retreat again in Angel’s Hills, Tagaytay. I enjoyed it more than the previous one, maybe because it would be our last retreat. We stayed at the mini two-story houses located inside the compound. The houses were nicely-furnished, and as expected, it was very cold; a perfect setting for relaxation and spiritual reflection.

We also had a lot of activities that required cooperation among the team. In the end, they taught us with moral lessons. For example, we had to guide  by giving directional instructions to our blindfolded teammate as he crawls underneath a net without hitting the glasses of ketchup.

We also had another Palanca letter-giving. I wrote e a lot this time and made sure that they were extra special. I read the ones I received at the house alone, so no one would see my cry.

Of course, I also took a lot of photos of Angel’s Hills. The scenery inside the compound are beautiful, I especially admire the flowers, plants, and trees there. The weather was also nice, seeing the sky so blue is breathtaking. The only place I felt bad was the Meditation Garden because the sculptures look so scary.

We even had Benediction where Our Lord was taken outside the tabernacle. Of course we celebrated the Sunday Mass, and I was suddenly asked to be part of the choir. There were also a lot of talks, and I was glad that I met my ORI teacher there where I confided all my problems with her. All in all, it was a worthwhile retreat and I would definitely miss this place.


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