CAT Practical Test

This was already long overdue, but anyway, we had a CAT (Citizen Army Training) practical test but I didn’t take it since I’m one of the commanding officers (I used to handle the medics). I just leisurely watched my batchmates suffer under the scorching heat of the afternoon sun, while they perform a routine that incorporates all they learned in CAT, including the commands. That reminds me, the brown ground over there is the oval soccer field that used to be teeming with grasses, but it dried up due to El Nino phenomenon.

I like how they neatly marched, and I think their routine was “Bahay Kubo” with twist of commands.

I really like their routine; they marched like they’re playing a huge Tetris game. Very cool and creative.

I think they made a series of dance steps, but I’m not too sure since I already forgot their routine.

These were the Alphas, the superior platoon which were handpicked from other platoons and privileged to have their own rifles and learn other commands. Normal cadets were also supposed to learn rifles, but due to time constraint, they weren’t able to. Their routine consisted of some minimal rifle exhibitions.

I still find the Tetris routine very cool, and I think they got the highest grade. It was fun watching their routines (especially when you’re under the shade).


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