First Year: First Semester Schedule

I thought I would receive a blocked schedule this  last semester, being an incoming freshman in the University of the Philippines. But I guess I wasn’t in CRS’ good graces because I ended up with no block. I remember choosing two blocks, both had lots of demand; but I couldn’t believe I wouldn’t receive even one. Good thing I was able to enroll in advance during summer, so there were still slots left for other subjects. Since I am taking BS Biology, I needed Math 17, Geology 11, two GE (SSP), one GE (AH), and PE.

During the enrollment, I was given a list of subjects I needed to enlist. But luckily, there wasn’t any slots left for Philo 1 so I picked Geog 1 instead. I’m not good with logical stuff so I wasn’t confident with Philosophy, and besides, I heard Geog 1 is uno-able.

After the enlistment, I was lucky and happy how my schedule turned out. I like my late morning classes, though I always felt hungry during Math 17 since it was lunchtime.

  • Ten Pin Bowling:
  • Geology 11: April Lim Concepcion
  • Geography 1: Meliton Juanico
  • Mathematics 17: Jasmin-Mae Santos
  • Kasaysayan 1: Vicente Villan
  • English 10: Carmencita Abayan

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