First Year: Second Semester Schedule

I just experienced the most annoying, tiring, and longest enrollment of my life, and I think it would be worse next year, considering I’m still a freshman student of University of the Philippines. Actually, it should not have been that bad, however, both pre-advising and post-advising for Biology majors took about more than two hours each (due to some problems). And it was really a waste of time; I could have gotten a GE (MST) if only it went faster, but now I just settled with another GE (AH). I wished I had gotten Physics 10, Env Sci 1, MBB 1, MS 1, or Geol 1.

But I was grateful that  I was generally lucky during the pre-enlistment of subjects online. I even got a PE. I only had a hard time getting a GE (MST). I really chose the ones with low demands so that I would surely get them, so my schedule wasn’t that good as my first one. Now, I have to wake up and prepare very early everyday, contrary to my late morning classes before.

I chose MuL 9 because I like traditional music, especially Philippine music and rondalla. I also chose Lingg 1 because I wanted a Filipino-related subject, though I think I should have chosen Kas 2 and continued with my last Kas 1 professor, Sir Villan.

  • Duck Pin Bowling: Francis Carlos DIAZ
  • Chemistry 16:  Melanie BUCSIT
  • Mathematics 53: Sami ALMUALEM
  • Linguistics 1: Farah CUNANAN
  • Music of the Philippines: Maria Patricia SILVESTRE
  • Art Studies 1: Robert PAULINO

I hope it would be a fruitful second semester!


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