Kas 1 Field Trip

I had Kas 1 or Kasaysayan 1 as one my GE subjects last semester, under Sir Vicente Villan. I think Kas 1 is a must-have subject for UP students since it widens your scope of Philippine history, as they say it’s not your typical Social Science subject. It’s more than that, there were a lot of things never thought in elementary or in high school. And Sir Villan knows his field so much that he entertains any questions regarding history, even if the lesson goes off-topic. He’s also passionate about Visayan history since he’s from Panay Island, and he’s quite right that Visayas are almost never mentioned in history books.

At first, we were to choose between three field trip destinations: Vigan, Corregidor, and Cavite. I would have chosen Vigan if I had the money to pay for the costly fare trip, so I chose Corregidor instead, since I’ve never been there even though I am from Bataan. But later on, Corregidor was removed from the choices because Sir said it would be dangerous to go there this rainy season (he also a bad experience in his last trip there). It was replaced with Laguna and Quezon.

Our first destination was Pila, Laguna. Pila is one of the old Spanish heritage sites in the Philippines, along with Vigan. The Pila plaza is a characteristic of Spanish rule: the plazas were meant to be the center of town gatherings, so usually churches and municipal halls were built along them. Influential and rich people also had privelege to build their houses along the plaza. And so as we arrived there, we went around the plaza to see the still-standing Spanish houses, the Pila Church, and the red Municipal hall across it. Unfortunately, the museum was closed during that day so we just satisfied ourselves with picture-taking.

Our next destination was the Magdalena Church. It was  a popular and favorite church of the late Fernando Poe Jr. in his heydays as a movie actor. I think it’s a really good place for shooting. This church also served as a fortress during the old times of Moro raids.

It was also said that Emilio Jacinto went here to hide from his pursuers, wounded. The droplets of his blood that stained the floor could still be seen in this spot, though I didn’t see it exactly.

It was raining really hard that day, so we only went out of the bus three times which was a bit disappointing. I didn’t enjoy the trip, though I think the weather was to blame. The last time we went out of the bus was when we arrived at Quezon to have a taste of their pancit habhab. It was satisfying nonetheless, partly because of the way you eat it which you use your mouth to grab the food.

We also had lakbay-aral lessons inside and outside the bus so I guess it wasn’t too bad. We went home straight to UP after that.


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