Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

I wasn’t really interested in this series at first because I was greatly discouraged by their anime art. Even now, I still don’t like the way they drew the men, especially those four supporting characters: Kyouhei, Takenaga, Yukinojo and Ranmaru who were supposed to look very handsome. Maybe I have a different taste and perspective in drawing. In the end, I watched the entire series since I ran out of anime to watch.

So that was my first impression but I guess not all first impressions last. I had fun watching all the episodes. It has nice simple plot with lots of comedy which really made me watch for more. The scenes and jokes were crazy and sometimes a bit stupid, especially the “becoming lady tips” segments. But these elements actually added color to the anime, interestingly.

Basically, it’s a about a girl who had her self-confidence crushed to pieces when her crush told her that she was ugly when she confessed to him about her feelings. Of course it’s always a painful remark for a girl to be called ugly, especially from the one you admires. So I guess anyone would feel bad for Sunako, but then it looks like the consequences went far beyond expectations that she became attached to “scary”  things and hobbies. So, her beloved and beautiful auntie wanted her to attend parties and become lady-like again. And so she gives this task to the four boys in exchange for free rent in a luxurious mansion house.

The only thing that I couldn’t handle was the harem, I found it really ridiculous that so much girls would fall head over heels for those foursome. Of course they’re all handsome, but seriously, the harem and stalking gave me creeps. It’s like all the girls lost their sense of pride and dignity as women. And I feel bad for Kyouhei, popularity really proved very annoying  if it crosses the limit.

And Sunako wasn’t ugly at all. She had a different kind of beauty in her, more like goth-type; she should have more self-confidence instead. I like her personality, she seems so caring even though she got a strange hobby. And the nosebleed parts were funny, she must have needed a lot of blood to survive everyday living with those “shiny” creatures.

See? She’s pretty, even Kyouhei seems to have fallen in love with her. All images are screenshots from the anime.

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