I really don’t like cats, but I don’t hate them. And I admit, they’re pretty cute and adorable, especially when they’re sleeping with their squinty eyes shut. And there were so many cats in my high school before. They used to live inside the dormitory and sleep whenever they want. I had seen them sleep on the couch and even on the television! They also used to knock down our trash cans, leaving all our garbage scattered along the bathroom floor which was a mess and really annoying. Still, my dormitory manager liked them so much that she had never failed to give them food.

I just started my college life recently, and again, I’m living inside a dormitory. Surprisingly, there are also a lot of cats here. They’re more behaved though, but still, they sit and sleep anywhere. But maybe that what makes them adorable, I see people having fun holding and touching them. And they don’t fight back, it seems like they like the attention. I also like to holding them sometimes.

I started hating them when I tried to touch a cat with my foot. That cat was a stray one and had a missing leg. But he must had been in a sour mood that he scratched my foot. Anyway, with these kind and adorable cats in my dorm, I’m starting to like them too. But still, my most favorite pet are dogs.


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