Christmas Party in our Village

We had our annual village Christmas party last night, and I could say that we still enjoyed it even though we did have a couple of difficulties at the start.

The party was supposed to be celebrated outside. While we were still arranging the chairs, tables, food, game prizes and exchange gifts, the lights went out. Worse was, the rain started to drizzle. But then we thought that the party should still be continued, hoping that the lights would eventually return after a short while and the rain would stop.

We started with a typical game called “Bring Me” where everyone could participate. The mechanics is very simple. The gamemaster asks for something, and then everyone race for the fastest who could bring the thing he asks. The next game was “Pinoy Henyo”. It is played by two people, where one needs to ask a series of questions to his partner to help him know the word assigned to him (usually posted in his forehead). The partner can only answer  “oo”, “hindi” or “pwede” (yes, no, could be).  The players were just children so it was a bit expected that no one got the answer. Another game after that was “Hip hip hooray!” but I wasn’t able to watch the game.

We ate immediately after a series of games since the rain was starting to get worse. Our food were spaghetti, hotdog on sticks, shanghai rolls, pancit luglog, puto, and juice. I especially like spaghetti more than anything else. That’s why I like Christmas, the season of spaghetti and my other favorite food (of course I still acknowledge the true meaning of Christmas).

The lights returned while we were eating. I could still remember how everyone shouted “Yehey!” at that instant. The videoke music started to blare, especially the ever-popular Korean song “Nobody”. I left the party after eating since my younger brother wasn’t feeling well at that time. We just stayed at the house during the time they were still having fun. It was still raining that time so the party was moved to our neighbor’s covered yard.

I hope the party would be in better condition next year.


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