Before I Went Home

I haven’t been at home since the week after the start of the second semester, and so, I was excited to go home again. I could also feel everyone’s anticipation for the Christmas vacation, especially during the Christmas Party. Even my roommate who was from General Santos City would leave the dormitory as early as Thursday last week. Actually, I could also leave at that day since I won’t be having classes anymore. But then I thought of watching the famous “Lantern Parade” of UP, and so I would have to wait for a few more days.

My roommate started packing her things up that morning, and then she spent the rest of the afternoon filling up her clearance form in the dormitory. Then she left immediately that night. I gave her some araro cookies as pasalubong for her relatives, which are a popular delicacy from my home province Bataan. I hope she would remember me and bring me tuna chicharon as pasalubong as well.

I started packing up during the night, putting all my things inside the closet. Then I started filling out my clearance form next morning. I was able get almost all the needed signatures  in a short time, surprisingly. But then I forgot that I needed to fill out a late night permit for the Lantern Parade. I don’t know why but I just gave up after learning about the permit. Perhaps because of the mixed feelings of wanting to go home, the hassle of signing the permit, etc. So, I decided to just go home that day.

My baggage was really heavy but I managed to walk and carry it around. I was thankful that there was still an empty seat inside the bus, or else I would have to stand for an hour in the NLEX trip. I saw some of my org mates inside the bus, coincidentally.

I noticed some minor changes inside our house, but then I’m just glad that I was home.


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