Christmas Party with Kaka

I have been doing a little sacrifice of my time in teaching catechism to Kaka (Kaloob Karunungan) scholars of UP Parish of the Holy Sacrifice. It’s not very much but I thought it’s the least I can do for now, being a college student amidst my busy schedule. I also thought that perhaps, I can learn more about my faith and doctrine trough teaching.

A week before the Christmas Party, we had a mini activity where the children wrote their letters to Santa. We told them to write what gift they wanted to receive from Santa, and also reminded them not to ask too much. Many asked for new pair of shoes, some remote-controlled toys, and others for dresses. All who asked for shoes had their foot sizes traced in a paper. I could tell that they were very happy and excited to receive such gifts.

On the other hand, we sought sponsors who would be kind to be Santa and read some of the letters. Thankfully, there were a lot of generous people who were delighted to be part of the cause.

The Christmas party was celebrated with the scholar’s family. There were divided in to four teams – blue, green, red and yellow, where each team was assigned with a performance and would compete for the games later.  They all dressed up according to their team color and I could tell that they were really into it. And what made this party extra special was the emphasis of “family”. After all, Christmas revolves around the holy family – Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

There were a lot of games and performances prepared by each team, and during those activities, it was fun and heartwarming to see the sincere smiles and laughs of the parents and children. We also prepared a performance for them, a caroling song “Pasko na Naman” where my fellow catechists sang while I played  my octavina (rondalla instrument). I made a lot of mistakes at the middle part because I had stage fright, but then I think they didn’t mind at all.

After that was eating time. They prepared a small feast  – spaghetti, hotdog, pansit guisado, rice, sandwich and juice. I thought we were assigned for the food but it was nice that they prepared as well, as we only brought some “snacks” with us. Then it was gift-giving time. I could tell that the children were very excited even at the start of the party, seeing the pile of gifts at the corner. Unfortunately, there were some who received shoes not their own size or preference.

I left immediately after the gift-giving since my dorm curfew was nearing. That was such a wonderful night.


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