Year 2011

Our last Christmas eve feast or more commonly-known as “Noche Buena” was generally quiet. We only prepared spaghetti and crema de fruta, but I guess the most important thing was we had each other that time and some food to share. My father who was working abroad was sick and I couldn’t stop thinking how he was doing. I also learned about the death of an acquaintance of mine who was a photographer that updates us daily with news and photos about our common interest, with other people online on Flickr site. I only kept them all to myself since I wanted everyone to have a happy Christmas.

Our New Year eve feast was celebrated with the same old stuff on the table: spaghetti, crema de fruta, with the addition of ham and fruit salad. We didn’t buy any sparkling fountains or sticks/wands this time compared these past years. I found it quite sad, but I guess we didn’t need to be flashy and go with the popular traditions just to celebrate new year. We just watched a movie and waited until midnight.

I really like fireworks and there were a lot that showed up in our backyard and in the horizon. Of course, there were also rockets, Judas’ belts, five starts, piccolos, scraping cans, trumpets and more banging sounds that are said to drive away evil spirits that are remnants of the past year.

I’m really thankful for the countless blessings I’ve received this past year. It had been a good year for me. Of course there are also things I wanted to improve more as my new year’s resolutions, but I’ll just keep them to myself. I wasn’t able to take a photo of fireworks but here are some shots I had last year.

Happy New Year! Maligayang Bagong Taon!


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