I really don’t like watching drama except when there’s some cultural aspect in it such as my all-time favorite “Dae Jang Geum” and “Queen Seon Deok”. Maybe because I feel in awe and admiration every time I encounter an exotic culture, especially their traditional dresses, food and other material aspects. So it’s not that I don’t appreciate my own Filipino culture, in fact I love it very much; the food, our traditional dresses, and especially the rondalla which seems to be unpopular to the masses. I just hope that we, Filipinos, should never forget our own culture in spite of this other culture invasions.

Anyway, I have encountered another Japanese drama called “Dandan”, said to be the Izumo dialect for “Thank you”, which is about twin sisters who were separated by their parents since they were babies. I think it’s like “Parent’s Trap” with a Japanese twist on it. The firstborn “Nozomi” became a maiko or apprentice geiko in Gion like her mother, and her geimei is “Yumehana” while her mother is “Hanayuki”. On the other hand, the second-born “Megumi” lived with her father as he married another woman and had a new family on their own in Izumo.

But then, twins are always connected by a thread of fate, and it’s quite expected that destiny should let them meet even though how distant they are to each other. Soon they discovered about their identities, though secretly they kept it to themselves for now. Then they planned to meet in Kyoto, and soon, Nozomi executed her plan that they should exchange places so that they could meet each other’s parents. Megumi became a maiko and stayed there, though it’s a relief that another housemate geiko, Hanatsuru, assisted her in her job in entertaining clients in private parties.

Nozomi then went home to Izumo. Their parents soon discovered that the twins have switched places, and so, they have no choice but to tell them what happened to the past. I don’t know how this drama concluded, but I plan to watch it all till the end.

Ookini! Dandan! Salamat.


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