So Busy

I wish I could post more and visit my other sites regularly but college life proved to be very hectic indeed. Even though I’m currently a freshman with much lighter workload compared to others, I still find myself busy with reading, studying, and participating in a weekly activity.

I also found another refuge aside from the dorm and the library: the “tambayan” of my provincial organization. I didn’t have a hard time adapting to their ways as I already knew some of them, and besdes, they’re really fun and interesting people. My buddy is really kind to me as we are of the same course and graduated in the same high school. I still have a lot to learn from them though, especially their yearly major activities and functions of each committee.

I just noticed that I am always mistaken as an upperclassmen instead of a freshman, and I really wondered why since I don’t think I look that old. But someone kindly explained and told me that I look somewhat “sanay” or adapted and used to the college life already. That is actually convincing since I’m really used to studying miles away from the comfort of my home from Bataan, since my high school days.

I also felt that when there are times I have nothing do, I found myself uneasy in an idle situation. I always feel that I should be doing something, like at least downloading videos and stuff. And when I’m busy, I just wanted to sleep. In that case, I can’t help but to take a nap for a short while and turn on my ringing bell alarm clock. But unfortunately, I have the ability to turn off my alarm clock even when I’m asleep.

I decided that I will attend any available concerts and performances  this month since I really love arts and music, and they’re just simply fun to watch. In fact, I recently attended the “PercPep Combination”, a free joint performance by the Percussion Ensemble of the UP College of Music and UP Pep Squad of the College of Human Kinetics. It was really amazing beyond words, though after that, I had a headache due to the intensity of the loudness of drums. I also remember the guy who played the Michael Jackson song with the xylophone-like percussion instrument using four sticks. I always see him hanging around outside our classroom in Abelardo Hall, and we were really amazed when we saw him perform onstage. Also, I will be attending the rondalla series this coming Sundays since it’s one of  my passions in my life, haha.

I just hope I can breath more easily in this very busy college life.

  1. AlyssaMihara said:

    Provincial Organization in UP? Could it be that you are a member of UP Tangway?

    • bcbgarcia said:

      Yes, I am. 😀

  2. AlyssaMihara said:

    I guessed right ^_^. Nice meeting you! I also live in Bataan, currently in my senior year in high school. Maybe you were there during UP Tangway’s CAReS and Patinikan…I was one of those HS students present ^_^

    • bcbgarcia said:

      I wasn’t able to attend the Cares because I was a late applicant, but I attended the Patinikan and was inducted right after the contest. We were the one who performed with a rondalla instrument.

      Did you pass the UPCAT? And what school were you from?

  3. AlyssaMihara said:

    Now I remember that performance… oh, the on the spot play was also very fun ^_^. I was an essay writing contestant then, but I didn’t win 😀

    Yes, I passed (thank God), though not in Diliman. I was admitted in UP Manila. I’m from JRI Orion.

    • bcbgarcia said:

      That’s good to hear. ^^
      I hope you will enjoy your college life this coming semester.

      • AlyssaMihara said:

        I’m looking forward to it ^_^

        By the way, I just confirmed my UP slot via internet (in their website). Do I still need to go personally to UP and submit my UP Form C1 (which includes all the questions to be answered in the ‘net)?

  4. bcbgarcia said:

    I’m sorry. I already forgot the enrollment procedure. >.> Try asking others, though.

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