I have been living at the Kalayaan Dormitory for a while now and yet I haven’t tasted Mang Larry’s barbecue and isaw until recently. By the way, isaw is grilled intestines which can be pork or chicken variety.

Innards are not really my kind of taste, especially liver, but I guess I have to try new things once in a while. I have heard that Mang Larry’s isawan is quite famous even outside the campus and so I thought, why not try out his specialty? Actually, I once bought three or four sticks of pork barbecue and tainga. But other frequenters always buy in bulk! No wonder the waiting time is so long.

One time, my lab partner told me that she really wanted to try UP isaw, considering that she’s a UP student and haven’t tasted even one. I thought this was a perfect opportunity for us to try it together. So we decided to meet after class.

We actually decided to meet the other day but we weren’t able to. But then I thought why not try it now, and so I bought some isaw and tasted it for the first time. I think it was okay, And I really like their spicy vinegar. And it turned out that she also bought isaw that day too!

And so we were able to meet and enjoy isaw together. We bought 20 sticks of chicken isaw and 10 sticks of pork isaw. Never mind the fat content. We also discussed some recent chemistry lessons since second long test will be coming this Monday. I hope we do well this time.

Now I want more isaw.


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