Valentines of Kaka

I should have posted this since last February but I wasn’t able to due to time constraints. By the way, Kaka or “Kaloob Karunungan” scholars are children who were granted financial aid for their educational needs through the  kind and generous donations of parishioners of the Parish of the Holy Sacrifice in UP Diliman.

Valentines was already nearing at that time so we decided to let the children make their own Valentines card to their parents. We prepared the materials: lots of red and pink art papers, coloring pens and pencils, lots of scissors, glue, and white bond papers as base for the cards.

I also used to make Valentines card in my art classes during my elementary school days but I never had the will to give it to my parents. And so, I think it’s a really nice idea to have this activity for the Kaka scholars, and it was also a good opportunity for them to express their love and gratitude to their parents. I knew that some of them are kind of shy with expressing what they want to say (everyone else does too!), that’s why we encouraged and helped them with their cards.

It was really inspiring and heartwarming to see them do their best for the designs and messages; the imperfect heart cutouts, the childish and unpolished handwriting skills, etc. really reflects their efforts and makes you just smile quietly inside the heart. But there was a girl who didn’t seem to be very excited with this activity. I talked to her, asked her if I could help her cut some hearts for her card, but she didn’t reply. It turned out that she couldn’t write and so I asked her again if she’d be fine if she could dictate the message while I write it for her. But still, she didn’t reply and kept herself busy with other things. I wish I have understood her that time.

Then, one by one, we took their individual photos while holding their finished Valentines card. I could tell tat they were really happy. I hope their parents also felt the same way when they have read these cards made specially for them.


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