Summer Vacation

I just recently checked out of my dormitory this last Saturday, and I’m really glad that I’m free again of academic workload. Now that I mentioned about academics, I’m still worrying over my grades. And the other dormers are yet to check out because of their final exams. And still some of them are going to enroll for summer classes. Suddenly, I feel blessed.

I haven’t realized that I have a lot of things in my room until now. My younger sister even complained on how we could fit all our things in the car next semester since it turns out that the back space was just barely enough for my stuff. Well, maybe it’s just my fault. My mother was actually surprised that I was already prepared to leave.

We went home as soon as we packed my things up. After we arrived at home, we received an invitation to a swimming picnic. Of course we accepted the offer, and we had lots of fun that afternoon. I didn’t like the wave pool at that resort because the water seems to be cloudy.

Surely that swimming picnic was just an introduction to my summer vacation. I know I’ll be having more of that, well I hope. Besides from that, I also plan to continue my daily rituals and help in household chores as much as possible. I also wanted to study Japanese language. It’s also a good opportunity to learn some home cooking from my mother. I also wanted to join a tutorial center and earn a bit of money. Lastly, I wanted to do some advance reading for the subjects I will be taking this next semester.

I really wanted to make the most out of this vacation, to make it more fruitful and not just to laze up all day and do nothing. I hope I can do all my plans well.


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