In a Resort

We attended a birthday party of my parent’s godmother last Sunday in a quiet and secluded resort. It was already lunchtime when we arrived, and so, we were cordially invited to dig in to the buffet as soon as we finished giving our respects to the elders.

The dishes were really wow. Main dishes were lechon, dinuguan, adobong manok (made from native chicken), hipon, fried chicken, shanghai rolls, barbeque, pansit guisado and probably more because I only picked the ones I like most. There were also mangoes, bananas, balot, chiffon cake, sansrival (my favorite), buco salad, potato salad, leche flan (made specially from duck eggs), puto, and a kind of coconut milk drink with pinipig and gulaman. I was so full that I could hardly take another bite.

There was also a swimming pool but I didn’t swim, only my younger brother did while I spent the rest of the afternoon taking pictures around.

Then we went home around late afternoon.


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