Hot Summer

I’ve never felt so uncomfortably hot. Normally, we don’t use the electric fan since there is always a nice cool breeze providing a constant ventilation inside our living room. But now, it’s quite impossible.

Summer in the Philippines is not based on the four seasons. I think it’s more of the time when elementary and high school students have no classes and where the hottest months are felt throughout the country. These months are March, April and May. And I just heard from the news that the hottest temperature are usually recorded during May.

Anyway last Easter, we received lots of Easter eggs after the mass. The nuns of the Poor Claire Monastery have prepared them all, for devotees of St. Claire often offer trays of eggs. We made them into yummy egg sandwich spread along with other ingredients: mayonnaise, onion, sugar and salt. We consumed about two loaves of bread with that amount of egg sandwich spread.

I also spent most of the time watching anime and doing advance review. About anime, I just finished watching D.Gray-man, Hetalia, Azumanga Daioh, Yumekui Merry, Pretear and Kare Kano.

D.Gray-man is just amazing. I love the concept of the story, the Noah, exorcists, akuma, the fight between good and evil, and the main character Allen Walker which seems to be in the gray side. I can’t totally describe how I felt after watching all the episodes, and after continuing the story by reading the manga. The story is so deep and overwhelming, the characters are much appreciable even those on the evil side. And Allen being the 14th Noah and also a powerful exorcist is such a nice twist. After reading Chapter 205, I can’t help but think what would happen next. What will Allen do now? What will he do to prevent the Noah from devouring him? Is the 14th Noah really good? Will he have a chat with the 14th Noah to decide the course of events? When will he return to the Order, even knowing he wasn’t an exorcist anymore in the eyes of the Headquarters? Did Cross die? Did Road die? What? Why? How? The suspense is building up quite high and I have to wait for more than a month to know some of the truth. What a well-woven story!

This is a scene in Episode 93 where Allen plays the piano to save and control the ark, being the host for the Musician/14th Noah. The singer was the same voice actress of Allen Walker, Kobayashi Sanae. Video uploaded by BlizAngel.

I also enjoyed watching Hetalia, it was like having a funny world history lesson. My most favorite character/country is England; he has quite an interesting personality. And I like how he deals with other countries, especially France and China. Maybe the thing I didn’t like much with this series is how annoying North Italy could get, especially every time he shouts “Doitsu! Doitsu!”, asking for Germany’s help for such trivial things as tying one’s shoelace.

That’s it for now. Hello, hot summer!

  1. Ruby said:

    I like D gray man too!
    I think Allen is gonna have a nice chat with the 14th then they work together or something XD

    • bcbgarcia said:

      I’d love to see it happen too. 😀
      Thanks for the comment!

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