Second Year: Second Semester Schedule

The results of the first batch run was already out last night and I was pretty happy about the results, considering that I chose the most demanded schedules in my major subjects (because that’s the only way I could fit a lot of MST schedules). Well, the consequence of being too safe resulted in a no-lunch schedule.

I think I got the PE very easily because CRS released new classes right at the last day of pre-enlistment. I took this opportunity and snagged those less-demanded PE classes. In the end, I got “Weight Training for Women”. Is that supposed to be like lifting dumbbells, or just simply exercises to trim off weight for women? I hope it’s not very demanding and tiring.

I was not able to get a Bio 11 schedule. I guess the fight for the slots was pretty tough. But the slots that could only fit in my schedule were already full. My other dilemma is whether I should cancel FA 30 just to have a lunch break, and then replace it with an Art Stud 2 in another time slot (I heard that FA 30 is a very good and fun GE).

Anyway, I guess I should ask some advice.

  1. Wow, no lunch, classes from 8:30 to 5:30… hmmm, maybe canceling the subject, like what you said?
    PS. I really like your new blog header, Bea-sempai ^_^ (hope calling you Bea-sempai is okay? ^_^)

    • bcbgarcia said:

      Yeah, I’m still planning to cancel FA 30 but there were so many favorable comments about that subject! I guess I’ll decide at the last day of deadline for the second batch run.
      And thank you for the comment about my header, I love photography, so yeah. 😀
      I’m also fine with whatever you call me~
      Thank you always for the comments!

      Are you also a college student?

  2. I’m an incoming BS Bio freshman, UPM ^_^. I find it really interesting that you’re also a Bio student ^_^
    And not just the header, your other photos as well ^_^
    You’re always welcome 😀 …

    Oh, by the way, I don’t know why, but your comment on my blog was added with the spam comments (it happened once with another fellow blogger commenting on one of my post) — and I accidentally clicked the ‘Empty spam’ (like what I usually do)! I’m really sorry 😦 … I don’t know how to restore it…
    At least I was able to read it… about Suikoden III manga… I bought them on sale ^_^ I think National Bookstore sells the, for only 75Php each.

    • bcbgarcia said:

      Ah, a UP Bio freshie! That’s so nice to hear.

      And P75, that’s quite lucky of you. I’m having a hard time finding a volume around my area.

      Anyway, good luck with your college life. 😀

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