I was pretty confident that I would arrive very early for the enrollment but I didn’t expect that there would be earlier ones, moreover, a very long line for pre-advising! But I am very thankful that I was able to finish it in one day because some still needed to come back for different circumstances.

Also, I just learned lately that Weight Training is really about dumbbells and other weight lifting stuff. That really worries me because I am weak with anything physical, and I have a minor posture problem. Hopefully this PE will turn out well.

  • Mathematics 54: Laarni DELA CRUZ
  • Chemistry 26.1: Colleen ROSALES
  • Chemistry 26: Lilibeth COO
  • Biology 11 lec: Lilian UNGSON, Sonia JACINTO
  • Biology 11 lab: Herbert SANTOS
  • Art Studies 2: Eileen LEGASPI-RAMIREZ
  • Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 1: Vermando AQUINO
  • CWTS 1 – Biology: Kamela Charmaine NG
  • Weight Training for Women: Catherine Joy LARIOSA

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